Woodsalt is a sci-fi RPG inspired by ’90s JRPGs on Switch this October

Team Woodsalt science fiction RPG JRPG Nintendo Switch PC Steam October release date

Team Woodsalt has announced that Woodsalt is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on Oct. 13. It is a science fiction RPG inspired by the “golden age” of ’90s JRPGs, and its trailer shows off a nice level of shine and polish. The game also boasts meaningful decision-making, as well as “multiple endings,” “no filler,” and “no fetch quests.”

You play as Emcy, an Earth-born man awakening from stasis 1,000 years in the future on a world called Nu-Terra. Earth was evacuated due to a combination of natural disasters and attacks by giant creatures, and Emcy is surprised to find that no one is eager to return home.

Players will be trying to unravel the mysteries of Nu-Terra throughout the story, in addition to figuring out what happened to Earth. The city is full of stories with its many NPCs and decisions to make.

Ultimately, Woodsalt describes itself like this: “A curated Shounen odyssey free from fetch quests or filler, every chapter a full piece of the overarching puzzle and wanderlust of the city.” It sounds like the developer had a very clear concept in mind of what it wanted to achieve with this RPG, so hopefully it will be a joy to play when it comes to Nintendo Switch and PC. It will cost $19.99.

Jamie Sharp
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