link fan art

Did you know that Link’s overall look drew inspiration from Disney’s rendition of Peter Pan? It makes sense when you think about it. And as much as the creators of Link and The Legend of Zelda were inspired by outside sources in their design of the classic character, so were the following artists who have created the most amazing Link fan art.

Countless artists have tried to put their own spin on The Legend of Zelda over the years, and with good reason. It’s one of the greatest video game universes to ever exist. (Some people have even made impressive Zelda fan films, like this one.) However, the artists below have taken their Link fan art to a whole new level, reimagining the famous character in interesting situations, as well as giving him incredibly unique makeovers.

You can imagine any of these amazing examples of Link fan art being the basis for their own video game, or even their own movie adaptation. Let’s hope the folks over at Nintendo take the hint and hire these artists ASAP. Without further ado, take a look at the world’s best collection of Link fan art below.

Bearded Link

Rugged Link

Samurai Link

link fan art

Source: Pertheseus

Link the Barbarian

link fan art


Classical Painting Link

Robotic Link

link fan art

Source: Tan Zhi Hui

Rock Star Link

Retro Link

Overwatch Link

link fan art

Source: Aaron Walker

Archer Link

link fan art

Source: Justin Paul

Future Link

Mouse Link

Blade Runner Link

Horseback Link

link fan art

Source: Tan Zhi Hui

Realistic Link

Tough Guy Link

Homemade Gear Link

Ready For Battle Link

Dark Souls Link

Legendary Link

Old Man Link

Happy Kid Link

Part-Machine Link

Middle-aged Link

Charging Link


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