World's End Club release Switch

Today’s Nintendo Direct unveiled that World’s End Club will release on Switch on May 28. Originally released for the Apple Arcade last September, World’s End Club follows schoolkid Reycho and his classmates on what starts out as a normal school field trip. Things quickly go awry however, as an accident finds the kids trapped in an underwater amusement park, fighting for their survival in a twisted game of life and death. But when the game is suddenly called off, the classmates return to the surface to find that they’re alone.

As you travel home, you’ll have to work alongside your classmates to take challenges and monsters (such as a giant crab) in sidescrolling action stages. Of course, the true star of the show here will likely be the plot. There’s bound to be plenty of twists and turns along the way to discover what awaits the class back in Toyko.

One thing’s for sure though. Don’t let the game’s cartoony nature fool you. World’s End Club sounds particularly dark, that’s because it is. But the tone is nothing new for developer Too Kyo Games. After all, the studio was created by some of the brilliant minds behind the Danganronpa and Zero Escape franchises, both of which excel at creating these sorts of tense, dire situations. With a pedigree of this nature, I’m fully confident that World’s End Club will be one of the most exciting releases for Switch this spring.


Steven Rollins
Steven has been involved in video game reporting for over five years now. In his spare time, he can be found speedrunning, writing fanfiction, or watching as much anime as he possibly can.

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