Tech problems

Whether it is a worn-out disk drive, a dropped handheld, or some pesky red rings on an Xbox, we’ve almost all had to deal with gaming hardware issues at one point or another. With Joy-Con drift controversy dominating the news lately, I’ve been thinking about console tech problems in general and been wondering about the most catastrophic. So, what is the worst tech problem you’ve ever had with a game system?

Game system woes

Since I began gaming as a clumsy, lead-footed toddler, I have had my fair share of busted controllers and systems. In first grade, my GameCube, for which I had no memory card, died of exhaustion when I got into a nasty habit of leaving it on for days at a time to protect my progress. I also have the blood of two DS Lites on my hands.

That said, the worst hardware luck I have ever had has to be with Nintendo’s most recent console. I own six Joy-Con controllers, and five of them are not working to some extent. Mostly, the problem is drifting. My grey left Joy-Con drifts to the point that it is unusable, while my right grey and left red both have frequent drift as well. My right blue Joy-Con, meanwhile, has an unresponsive A button. Finally, my right green Joy-Con lost its analog stick when I knocked my docked Switch off of my TV stand. That one, I’ll admit, was my fault.

I am definitely going to be taking advantage of the recently announced free Joy-Con drift repairs, but who knows if that will be a long-term solution or not — I am pretty sure I am just cursed. So, there’s my story of tech problems. Do you have me beat? What’s your gaming hardware horror story? Make sure to share all the gory details with us in the comments below!

Andrew Rockett
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