Leroy Green wrestler plays Switch during wrestling matches

In my opinion, the best part of professional wrestling is the gimmicks. I mean, sure, the athleticism at work is fantastic as well, but a good gimmick can rocket a person into stardom and lodge him or her firmly in our hearts. Just look at the Undertaker, who has become as immortal as a “Deadman” can be. Now, pro wrestler Leroy Green has developed a Nintendo-centric gimmick that we all can get behind around here: He’s started actively playing a Nintendo Switch while performing in his matches.

Green is apparently playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in that clip and has referenced Cuphead on social media as well. It takes a ton of athleticism to be able to roll with those moves in the first place, but doing them while holding a Nintendo Switch adds an awkward added challenge of balance to performing the moves. And most obviously of all, Green and his opponent have to get through the moves without accidentally breaking the Switch.

Leroy Green isn’t doing nonstop Switch tricks in all of his wrestling matches of course; that would get old super quick. But it’s a terrifically entertaining angle in moderation, and I hope it helps raise his star in the business. It’s not especially easy to get noticed in this industry.

Catch Leroy Green in Voorhees, New Jersey on Oct. 26 if you’re in the area.


John Friscia
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