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Earlier this week, the Nintendoverse was shaken up quite a bit when a massive new rumor started making its rounds, suggesting that Microsoft and Nintendo are planning a major partnership. Allegedly, Microsoft will be bringing some of its own titles, Xbox Game Pass and its Project xCloud game-streaming service to the Switch as early as this year. Unsurprisingly, neither Nintendo and Microsoft has officially spoken up about this, but a recent tweet from Xbox executive Mike Ybarra could be related to this situation:

The timing of Ybarra’s tweet couldn’t be more suspicious given the circumstances. He’s sorted of deflected it by following this tweet up with another:

Again, considering the timing of this tweet, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this is Ybarra’s way of cheekily responding to the controversy that the aforementioned rumor has generated. So, one way of interpreting this tweet is that it’s Ybarra’s way of saying: ‘What you’ve all been hearing are just rumors’. On the other hand, some might choose to interpret this as an indirect way of confirming said rumors. Nevertheless, we’ll still have to wait until an official word or proper announcement from either side is made.

In the meantime, let your eyebrows perk up even further when you realize another Xbox big-wig recently tweeted out a post directly related to the Switch:

Is the plot thickening?

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