Kotaku has a fantastic new \”longread\” feature article up on a topic very dear to us here at Nintendo Enthusiast – the publisher of all things niche and Japanese, XSEED Games.

We were lucky enough to score an interview with XSEED’s Executive VP, Ken Berry, this summer, and Kotaku touches on one of the questions we asked: how did they pick up The Last Story, and did Operation Rainfall have any part in it?

\”It was a constant fight even within our own organization,\” Berry said. \”To our external sales reps, we\’d be saying, ‘No, like you guys don\’t understand. There’s tons of fans out there that are asking for this. There’s a huge fan movement.\’ I mean, so yeah. In the end, I think we were right.\”

Xseed’s sales reps were surprised at how well The Last Story sold on a \”dead platform,\” but Berry knew that it\’d be a hit. Preorders were great, hardcore fans were desperate for a new console RPG in a rather dry year, and the game received a load of free publicity in 2011, when a fan-driven campaign called Operation Rainfall made headlines by asking Nintendo to bring The Last Story—and two other big Japanese Wii games—to the United States.

\”We\’re eternally grateful to the fan community out there,\” Berry said. \”They really stepped up their game and put their actions and their wallets where their mouths were earlier. They backed up their talk.\”

Kotaku’s piece also provides a tantalizing hint at a big title that fell out of XSEED’s grasp:

\”Most of the big names that people keep requesting from us over the years, we\’ve been in talks on,\” Berry said. \”There’s a couple that we were right there… like one that would\’ve pretty much shocked the industry if we could\’ve announced it. But for whatever reason, at the very end, maybe some executives at the company just realized that this brand is too important to their company to license out to another company. Even if their U.S. branch isn\’t going to publish it, they can\’t let anyone else publish it.\”

I asked what game, but Berry said he couldn\’t tell me. Part of dealing with Japanese companies means dealing with secrecy.

\”Anything you can hint at?\” I asked.

Berry laughed. \”I think I already hinted too much.\”

Head over to Kotaku for the full feature article for more on how XSEED was created and for hints on what is in their future. It’s definitely worth your time.

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