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Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato wants to make a Sonic the Hedgehog game with its own unique traits. He shared this in a recent interview with Sega Europe when asked what Sega IP he’d most like to try working with if given the opportunity. Sato was quick to say Sonic the Hedgehog, with one condition – rather than adhere to the normal formula, the Yakuza producer wants to create an experience with the Blur Blur unlike anything fans of the franchise have seen before. You can read the quote below, or check out the full 25-minute interview here.

“It’s an IP that I haven’t come to before. In the sense that I want to try it, … well, Sonic. After all, when you hear Sega you think Sonic. I’d like to get involved once at least. But for me, the so-called Sonic is, well, if I were to do it, I wouldn’t do Sonic as it was. I would like to make a completely different Sonic.”

The Sonic the Hedgehog series, which has had its ups and downs in its 3D era while exploring a long list of different game styles, could likely use some new blood and ideas, so maybe Sato is onto something with his suggestion. He doesn’t shed much light on what such a game would look like, and I imagine that his Yakuza record wouldn’t tell us much, either.

Would you play a new Sonic the Hedgehog game led by the talented folks currently making Yakuza titles? While Sato’s explanation has me sure that the game would totally different than what we’re used to in the franchise, I’m not at all convinced that that’s a bad thing. If Sato really wants the keys to Sonic the Hedgehog, he can have a shot as far as I’m concerned.

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