The Yellow Devil waits in the shadows of Dr Wily’s Castle, looking for a Smasher to prey upon. The enemy’s sneaky tactics are featured in today’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS update, which seems to confirm the monster as a stage hazard.

\”Pic of the day. Uh-oh, someone’s observing from afar. That’s no good. The Yellow Devil will come flying in from the background.\”

The Yellow Devil, an enemy from the Mega Man series, appears on the Dr. Wily\’ Castle stage first by peaking just over the outer wall of the mechanical fortress. Somehow, he then makes his way onto the stage, likely with an immense leap that puts him right in the face of the players battling it out.

As the enemy spawns from the stage itself, it seems all but explicitly confirm that The Yellow Devil will be a stage hazard exclusive to Dr. Wily’s Castle. Players will have to attack the monster directly to end his reign of terror. Hope that you can dodge the attacks of your opponent and stay out of reach of this menace.

Although this should be one of the more interesting  stage hazards you\’ll have to outwit in the game, this stage will likely see very little competitive usage, if any at all. The Yellow Devil may be too disruptive, especially due to his size and the width of the stage.


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