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Although the rest of the world will have to keep waiting a while, Super Nintendo World will finally open at Universal Studios Japan on Feb. 4. However, despite a long and glorious look at the theme park guided by Shigeru Miyamoto himself in a recent Direct, there are still plenty of aspects of the park we have not seen yet, such as what the actual rides will be like to experience. We did get a sneak peek at one of the rides, Koopa’s Challenge, back in November, but now video footage leaking the entirety of the other ride, Yoshi’s Adventure, has emerged online.

The original leaked video of Yoshi’s Adventure seems to have already vanished, but it has since been reuploaded by others and even touched up. This ride has previously been described as more kid-friendly, which explains its leisurely pace. It seems to be all about soaking in the sights — the extremely, extremely adorable and nostalgic sights. Enjoy everything from baby Yoshis to Captain Toad, plus serene Mario franchise music.

There isn’t a Nintendo fan on Earth who doesn’t envy Japan right now, even if most fans would rightfully rather wait for a vaccination before they pay Super Nintendo World a visit. This Yoshi’s Adventure video just makes the wait more maddening for the rest of the world.

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