SeaBed, a yuri mystery novel, hits Switch next month

Seabed Yuri mystery novel paleontology fruitbat factory

Mystery novel SeaBed from developer Paleontology and publisher Fruitbat Factory is heading for Nintendo Switch next month. The game originally launched in Japan in 2016, coming to Steam in December 2017, and will hit the Switch on March 19. This will be the first time that the game will be playable on Nintendo hardware, let alone a portable games console. While there’s still a little while to wait before you can get your teeth into the yuri-themed mystery novel SeaBed, it is available to preorder on the Nintendo eShop right now.

Bonus content

The Switch version of SeaBed includes two brand new bonus scenes. Fruitbat Factory explained that these can be enjoyed both by fans of the game who have already completed multiple playthroughs and new players alike. Anyone who preorders the game before it launches will get a 10% discount, dropping the price to $17.99 from $19.99, which is slightly more palatable for a visual novel. The price is similar to how much the game costs on Steam. Several enhancements were made to the game for its Steam debut, including improved resolution. Given the Switch’s smaller screen size, the game should look as good as it possibly can.

Lost love

In SeaBed players will see a story unravel through three different perspectives. They’ll explore how designer Mizuno Sachiko is experiencing hallucinations of her past lover. Players will perceive those hallucinations through Sachiko’s friend and psychiatrist Narasaki Hibiki. Her friend’s hallucinations are aiding her research into the inner workings of the human mind. Finally, players will also see all of this unfold through the eyes of Sachiko’s past lover, Takako, who has no idea why she and Sachiko drifted apart.

To make things even more interesting, each character lives in a different world, but all three seek the same goal. They each have a strong desire to make sense of their lives and separate truth from the illusions around them.


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