ZaciSa’s Last Stand was a quirky but addictive tower-defense style game on the Wii U eShop at a budget price, and the developer has been working hard at creating new free content for the game. The latest patch will be released on June 11th, and has a slew of improvements including 4 free new maps.

Zenfa Productions has announced that included in the patch will be the upgrading of graphics to 60FPS, 4 new maps including maps from other eShop games like Ping 1.5+, online leaderboards, and much more. The developer is also offering a sale of ZaciSa’s Last Stand to coincide with the new content, and the game will be available for just $1.19. The sale will last 4 weeks. For more information on the patch, be sure to check out their press release here, and check out the trailer below to see the new improvements in action.

Shawn Long
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