Nintendo Japan The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild website collects player messages memories

As we all eagerly await more sequel news, Nintendo in Japan has opened up a new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild site. The website features clips and graphics from Breath of the Wild, while displaying messages and memories from players regarding their time spent playing the game. It might not be the Zelda news we’re after, but this is a cool initiative nonetheless.

Of course, unless translated, the messages are currently displayed in Japanese only. There are 17 pages of these little stories though, and they’re making us reminisce about our time with Breath of the Wild. One particular message from a 67-year-old woman, Jun Jun-san, was highlighted and translated by DualShockers:

I decided to travel to Hyrule Kingdom at 67 years old. At first, I struggled to climb off the tower after Link wakes up and activates it. My hands were sweating, hearing my grandchildren complaining, and I finally managed to do it after multiple tries. I was alone and grinning when I managed to defeat a Guardian for the first time. I’m still proud I ultimately managed to discover and clear all 120 Shrines before my grandchildren did. My journey ended with my grandchildren praising me: “grandma you’re so awesome!!”. Did the desolate Hyrule Kingdom manage to revive into a beautiful country? I would love to see it again with my grandchildren.

This is a heart-warming story, and it’s genuinely great to see older generations connect with family through games. This is certainly a message we could all use right now, as online gaming and chatting are more prevalent than ever. What Breath of the Wild memories would you post on the site?


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