With all the new effects being slapped onto characters\’ moves in the new Smash Bros. installment, Sakurai has not forgotten that this too effects the most recently revealed veteran, Zelda.


\”Pic of the day. Zelda’s strong side attack. It’s a slash attack that utilizes her magic to make even the simple slash look sharp.\”

While every character has an array of Smash attacks, you can also access additional moves called \”tilts\” which are performed by tilting the control stick in a direction and pressing A. Fully tilting the control stick or outright slamming it produces Smash attacks, of course. Here, we see Zelda’s side tilt or, as Sakurai refers to it, her \”strong side attack.\”

We can see that, like other attacks, there is an additional slash effect given to this standing swipe. Remember, this is not her Smash attack nor part of her jab (just tapping A with no directional input).

While these effects should certainly beef up the visual experience, hopefully this does not clutter up the action or make individual moves less distinguishable from one another.


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