Zombie Army Trilogy trailer gives you 7 reasons to buy on Switch


In their latest trailer for Zombie Army Trilogy on Switch, Rebellion gives you seven reasons to buy. The game originally launched in March, 2016, but it’s no less exciting four years later. The Switch already has a number of the mainline Sniper Elite games, and on March 31 it’ll be getting the bulk of the zombie spin-off franchise too.

Intense on-the-go shooter

The Zombie Army Trilogy packs together the first three zombie spin-off games from the Sniper Elite franchise. The first two were originally DLC for Sniper Elite V2, and the third campaign was new with this collection upon initial release.

Each of the three campaigns pack in a lot of action, which fans of Sniper Elite may not be used to. Zombies get up close and personal, putting a lot more focus on short-range weapons. However, there are still plenty of sections in each campaign that require players to hit zombies in the head from hundreds of meters away.

This new trailer confirms three great features in Zombie Army Trilogy that should serve to make it more immersive. First is the use of rumble for large explosions. Grenades and barrels are great for thinning out the hordes of undead, and you’ll be getting visceral feedback with every group you incinerate. The second fantastic feature the game adds for Switch is Pro Controller support. Standard controllers are used with the game on other platforms, but now we know that you’ll have the option to easily switch between docked and handheld mode without needing to move Joy-Con around.

The final great new feature that comes to the game with this Nintendo Switch port is gyroscopic aiming. Not a ton of games make use of this feature, but those that do are usually better for it. Aiming is essential to Zombie Army Trilogy, and the use of these motion controls should make those X-ray headshots feel even more satisfying.


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